The aim is to offer the most gorgeous photos for you and your family that last a lifetime. Whilst this is easier said than done, my many years of experience as a professional photographer has stood me in good stead and has always resulted in happy clients.

I find that children are most relaxed whilst having fun in their own environment, whether that be at your home, in the park, gardens, a party, their sports day or even at the zoo. Whilst this can be somewhat dependent on weather and light, it’s important to be flexible and I’ve found over the years that this is what makes beautiful photos.

Alternatively, you can have a laid back session at the studio. Children are encouraged to bring their favourite toys to play with or music to listen to and adults can provide a change of outfit for different looks. Regardless, we can advise you further on all the details of what makes a great session at the time of consultation.

Our lives are often very pressurised but from the moment you pick up the phone to call us or send an email, to the point where you have the photos in your hand, we will guide you at each juncture. From deciding on the size of an image to framing it and placing it on a specific wall in your home, your experience with us will be a personal one.

Ultimately, it is all about providing you with a quality product every time. We will work with you to ensure this, whilst operating in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable environment.