Brantom River France

Our Photographic Holiday to Les Ages in the Dordogne

It was in June 2013 when we first went on a French Photographic Holiday to Les Ages, a hamlet, in the Dordogne, by car. On the way we diverted to Giverny to see Claude Monet home and garden.

Because my wife and I both enjoyed our stay so much we returned there in 2014 (this time we flew to Bergerac) where Paul picked us up.

As my wife is not a photographer she was able tag along and her stay was at a reduced cost.

I highly recommend staying with Paul and Pam. Full board, great food, wine and hospitality. If any help is needed with your photography Paul is at hand. You get to take home 4 A3 prints of your favourite photos.

There is always somewhere new to be taken and what fantastic places they are.

For further info contact Paul at:-

There are too many photos to show here. These are just a sample of what there is to see.

Street photography was new to me. I have definitely improved and my confidence has increased!

In 2013 we where there when the Curcuit Des Remparts was on in Angouleme. This was a fantastic day. All the local streets where lined with so many cars from all over Europe from old Ford Anglias to fast Porches. A lot of streets where closed to the public and there where were many races throughout the day. The guy with the rather large moustache in the Porche was in a queue next in line to race.

In 2014 because of the Tour de France finishing in Perigueux there were many brightly painted bicycles on roundabouts and as shown below on local rivers. A great site to see.

Monet Garden_Giverny_France

Monet Garden – Giverny France


Monet Garden Bridge – Giverny France

Chateau - St Crepin-de-Richmont France

Chateau – St Crepin-de-Richmont

Police Municpale_France

Police Municpale Dordogne France

Villa Dordogne France


Chateau France


Natural Shells in wall_France

Natural Shells in wall

Dordogne France





Bourdeilles Bridge – Statues Align the Sides


Villebois – Lavalette-Fields


Villeboir-Lavallete France

Cafe - Villeboir-Lavallete - France

Cafe – Villeboir-Lavallete France


Angouleme – Circuit-des-Remparts France

Angouleme_Circuit des Remparts_France

Angouleme – Next In Line To Race – Circuit des Remparts France


Angouleme – Cars Line The Streets

Angouleme Cafe

Angouleme Cafe


Chill Out – Angouleme

Typical Street_Dordogne_France

Typical Street – Dordogne


What’s The Gossip – Brantome

Brantome River

Brantome River

Food Market_France

Food Market

_Cafe- Wine_France

Old Boys Together Mid Morning Drink


Brantome Cafe

Market Trader_Brantome_France

Market Trader Brantome


Brantome River


Brantome River at Night France


Brantome Bridge at Night

Two Bikes_Perigueux_France

Two Bikes Perigueux


Bikes – Tour-de-France 2014 – Perigueux


Perigueux at Dusk


Local Farmer – Les-Ages – St Crepin-de-Richmont

Les Ages_Barn1_France

Old barn – Les Ages

Old Barn les Ages

Old Barn les Ages