A Visit to Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

It was breathtaking to see the sheer size of the cliffs, their colour formation and fallen rocks below. Also the strange grouping of rocks on the shore line, some covered with live seaweed.

How many different shells can you pick out in the picture below?

The remains of the 283 ton Fishing Vessel Sheraton can be found beneath the cliffs on the foreshore. The vessel twice served in the Royal Navy – in WW1 and WW2 – but, oddly, belonged to the RAF at the time of her sinking.

Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0001 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0015 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0013 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0007 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0024 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0025 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0019 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0034 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0033 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0032 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0030 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0027 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0035 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0037 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0039 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-Shells-0021 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0043 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0045 Hunstanton-Beach-Norfolk-0046